Massage Services

A memorable experience like nothing you have ever feltĀ 

Athlete Supreme

Designed for weightlifters, body builders, yogis, fighters, sport specific athletes and anyone who lives an active lifestyle. This is 90 minutes of performance enhancing modalities such as Neuromuscular lengthening, Myskeletal alignment, PNF and more. Lengthen your running stride, recruit more muscle fibers, increase joint range of motion, and access your body’s full potential with this package as often as once weekly or as little as monthly. Move beyond pain management into Performance Enhancement now!

*Available in 90 and 120 minute sessions only.

Optimal Aura

Designed for anyone on a path of self-improvement, self-awareness, self-development and discovery. Illuminate your journey with this 60 minute session of Reiki and Qigong healing. Clear your Mind, Balance your Emotions, Ground your Body, and Raise your Vibration with this hands on healing protocol. This method comprises the Ancient Chinese art of Qigong healing and the more recent development of Shamballa Reiki performed in Native American derived alchemical Sacred Space. Experience your personal ascension with this one of a kind Advanced healing approach immediately! Weekly sessions recommended if experiencing persistent life challenge/s and monthly for regular maintenance.

*Available in 90 and 120 minute sessions only with SES**.

** Self Empowerment Special (SES)- add 30mins for personal Qigong protocol exercises for daily improvementĀ 

Essence Revival

Designed for those of us with a heavy workload and endless responsibilities to self, life and others. Regular time for personal restoration is absolutely essential. Traditional relaxation massage, active release, and silent time to process whatever is occupying your precious mental space. Re-enter life renewed, refreshed, and restored with a surplus of focus to better provide what is needed to thrive in home life, work life, relationships. Revive your passion for life and maximize the Beauty you bring to the world with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly time to self… Revive your Essence now!

Available in 60 and 90 minute sessions only.