Distance Healing

An experience that will change the way you think about recovery

Distance Healing Overview

Science has proved we are sitting in a literal “Sea” of vibration, electricity, dynamic force, i.e. Qi. Just as radio waves travel from tower to satellite to device, so can and does our intent. Distance healing, also called remote healing, is exactly this. We are the towers and antennas while Source energy plays the role of the satellite.

Our intent travels as fast as we can visualize the image of our focus. Distance healing concentrates all the energy of an in-person Reiki session to wherever you are on the planet. This practice is ancient and long precedes the Reiki tradition worldwide.


Distance healing is taught at level 2 in most Reiki traditions though it’s concept and approach correlate with that of the Chinese Medicinal 5 Elements theory. My system includes both concepts with the addition of Native American spiritual alchemy, Kundalini activating practices and more. (For attunements and instruction please sign up for your Reiki Wu Xing course and training)

Through these practices we open a portal to the deepest level of healing. This is ideal for the most obvious reason being it’s global access from the security of your most desired location.

Being physically separated has it’s limits. Our natural human connectedness transcends these limits. DH is a product of this exquisite phenomenon.