Demaris Parker here, creator of Performance Enhancing Bodywork. Thanks for visiting this site and giving us a chance to excel in each other’s growth!

First off, I’m an avid health enthusiast offering practical health advancements. Wherever your expertise lies, essential or adept, we can take your personal development practice to the next level. It all starts with healthy foundations with a diversified and integrative approach.


A few of the significant avenues this perspective evolved are massage/bodywork, personal training/nutrition, traditional Chinese Martial Arts/Medicine, and NLP.

As an athlete (of 8 different sports) from South Louisiana, I found a natural talent in massage therapy. The curriculum offered felt familiar and exciting all at once as my body and mind responded rapidly in very positive ways. Asian Bodyworks was the course that added a hidden treasure in the practice of Qigong, an ancient Chinese exercise practice synchronizing breath and movement for the benefits of increased health and longevity. I fell in love!

Having been labeled with a slew of diagnoses given to active kids, I knew exercise was necessary to remain sane. Qigong, though, was completely different than anything I had found before. Simultaneously, I was receiving bodywork three times a week! For the first time in my life, I gained control over how I felt (and over chronic pain) through deliberate intent. Here I knew for sure I had found something the WORLD needed desperately. The mission had officially begun.


After entering the bodywork field, I quickly realized my best offering was a deep flow massage. It was apparent that something (actually, several things) were missing in my practice. I could only help with a few issues and felt incomplete after more than half of my sessions. Even though most of my clients left satisfied with their results, I always felt like there was something else I should be addressing.

On the search for more, I left Louisiana and came upon the Rudra Center for Enlightened Awareness in Denton, Texas. This Center is run by a decorated Shaman (now a tribal Elder) and offered a plethora of developmental advances, including Native American sweat lodge, Kundalini meditation, weekly self-knowledge class, advanced yoga, NLP classes, Kirtan, nutritional counseling, and more. He also introduced me to my Kung Fu Master (now Grandmaster). The latter downloaded to us the highest Qigong and Chinese Medicine level I’ve heard of even still. As a result, I began teaching Qigong and excelled. This opened doors to learn even more healing modalities to maximize my clients’ results.

The following years were full of workshops, retreats, seminars, lectures, classes, and events fundamental to advanced healing methods and self-empowerment. But, unfortunately, attendees usually left me (and a small group of apprentices) in age and experience by +15 years, and teachers +30 years. Having now witnessed people adding decades onto their lives, I wondered, “Why to get old in the first place?” and never looked back.


Life enhanced dramatically. The immersion resulted in massive increases in physical, mental/emotional, spiritual development. This growth continued and became a lifestyle. With a new focus and potential, the path deepened.

Upon moving to Arizona, I simultaneously became a parent and a personal trainer. These practices coincided and added a directive as well as a solution to the overall mission. Outstanding Trainers graced their knowledge of strength training, body sculpting, and nutrition. Still remained a holistic foundation. NLP expanded personal training to an avenue to change the mind and heal emotions as well. Qigong amplifies and empowers the entire process. I now had a program.

I am the result of this program and its protocols. It is derived from complex knowledge, real experience, and years of refinement. Having referenced from and mentored under some of the greatest minds in the fields mentioned is beyond a Blessing. Working with amazing clients and students over the years across the country has offered more knowledge than any book or course taken.


I genuinely believe that all our planet’s issues can be resolved when choosing health and evolution as the primary focus.

What decision can you make right now to raise the vibration or make the situation better even after leaving it?