Grand Rising

It is nice to meet you, I’m Demaris.

I am here to help.

Mission Statement

My understanding is this:

The best version of yourself is the fittest version of yourself.

This version holds the capacity to provide the clearest mind, balanced emotions, and accessible spirit of self.

It is also my understanding that without #qigong and #resistancetraining you’re only able to reach less than 50% of your potential; internally and externally.

With these 2 key components in your practice, what I am calling “Physical Excellence” can be achieved!



Distance healing is taught at level 2 in most Reiki traditions though it’s concept and approach correlate with that of the Chinese Medicinal 5 Elements theory. My system includes both concepts with the addition of Native American spiritual alchemy, Kundalini activating practices and more. (For attunements and instruction please sign up for your Reiki Wu Xing course and training)

Through these practices we open a portal to the deepest level of healing. This is ideal for the most obvious reason being it’s global access from the security of your most desired location.

Being physically separated has it’s limits. Our natural human connectedness transcends these limits. DH is a product of this exquisite phenomenon.